The strengths of Paalk: Free services 

Develop your online presence

Paalk pages 

Expand your presence with a Paalk Page. A Page allows you to build lasting contacts with customers on Prosface, share professional information, photos and videos, and invite customers to contact you directly.


Share content, publications are an effective way to give news and not to be forgotten, because they appear on your Page or on your prosface profile and can appear in the newsfeed of your fans. Embed images and videos in your posts to make them stand out and grab attention. 


Paalk Live 

Show your products and services to your customers in live videos

You can go live simply using your phone or on your computer if it has a webcam. Organize events and conversations, show your products.

Stories Paalk

Manifest yourself through captivating stories. Keep your customers' attention on your Page with a constant flow of stories Share the daily life of your business, attract attention with special promotions.

Establish a link between your company and its customers

Paalk Messaging

Engage in one-on-one conversations via private messaging. Answer questions and make real connections by tracking conversations. Check your Page's inbox to reply to messages received privately

Paalk Groups 

Joining an appropriate group is a great way to participate in discussions and stand out.

Invite friends

Invite friends and family to like your Page with the Invite Friends tool. When you send an invitation to a friend on Prosface, he or she receives a notification inviting him or her to like your Page. When your friends like your Page, your business grows in popularity. 

Paalk fundraisers 

Paalk integrates a project financing solution through loans between individuals, Internet users play bankers
Need money ? Ask Internet users!

Grow your business online


Sell ​​your products on Paalk . Present your products and select collections to highlight certain products.

Start selling on paalk

Action button

Make it easier to take action on your Page by setting up a button. Action buttons, such as Buy, Send a message or Book a meeting, are an easy way to encourage users to take action.

Events on Paalk

 Engage more attendees at your next event. If you're hosting an event online or in person, you can receive more attendance confirmations and sell more tickets when you create an event on Paalk. Integrate information like date, time and location, and link your ticketing platform to make the process easier

Jobs on Paalk

Post a job from your Page. It will be automatically published on the Prosface job board. Find tools to track and review applications, contact candidates, and schedule interviews via Messenger, all in one place.

Advertising on prosface: Boost your visibility 

People log on to Prosface every day. Your small business ads can appear when people discover new interests, making it easier to connect with your business.

You choose who sees your ads. Narrow your ad's audience by interest, genre, or location, and use ad targeting to find the people most likely to click on it.

Paalk advertising packs 
- Starter advertising pack: You boost a publication + a page for 3 days
- Pros advertising pack: Boost you 5 publications + 5 pages for a week
- Ultimate Advertising Pack: Boost you 30 posts + 30 pages for a month
- Vip advertising pack: You boost 300 publications + 300 pages for one year 
Online video hosting and sharing platform 
Download or Import your videos on play posface 


New ! Create wallet prosface

NEW !!!
- Store, send, receive cryptocurrencies
(Bitcoin, Ethereum, tokens...)
- Create your wallet & Simple interface to access blockchains swap
- No registration required
-You can add any token from ERC20,BEP20 ,Matic ERC20 (or your own ERC20 or BEP20 token)
- Buy crypto with credit card
-Connect you wallet with MetaMask - WalletConnect
-Trade on the decentralized P2P exchange
using atomic swap technology


The most wanted feature "Content Monetization" like "OnlyFans"

Now you can earn money from your content. Set your own price and your users pay for it.

Available for Profiles, Pages & Groups
- User can enable/disable content monetization and set the monthly price from user settings
- Page's super admin can enable/disable content monetization and set the monthly price from page settings
- Group's super admin can enable/disable content monetization and set the monthly price from group settings

🔥Tips Money🔥


Tips encourage your users to give $$ money to the content author to add more posts like this.

" enable tips for his posts from the publisher like this "

Or when start live video